The Swiss authorized partner has launched the new Mornera saddle in the EU for 2024.

2024 Taipei Cycle
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2022 All-wings latest 4th-generation evo4 Super Hornet is on the market.

2022 Taipei Cycle
I1111, 1F, Nankang Exhibition Center Hall 1

Location: Taipei World Trade Center
No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Date: 2020/07/03 to 2020/07/06
Time: 10:00-18:00
Booth: D220
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2020 2020 Taiwan Sports Industry Expo
Vincent Tseng will represent All-wings to give a live briefing to world-renowned sports industries at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Multimedia Exhibition Hall on July 18, 13:00.
The scene will be open and free to participate.
In addition, it will be exhibited in warehouse 2 for 9 consecutive days from 08/01 to 08/09.
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It's officially collected and exhibited at the National Science & Technology Museum today. ..More

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All-wings saddle will be officially displayed at the National Science & Technology Museum in November. It will be listed and permanently collected, making it a collection for research, exhibitions and educational activities, as well as a example for modern design. This is not only the glory that the country has given us, but also an important milestone for All-wings saddle. ..More1More2

Through the certification of country,All-winga saddle is already a classic of modern design.

After nearly a year of review and resolution,All-wings saddle will be listed officially and collected permanently by the National Science & Technology Museum of Taiwan and displayed here...More

#PlatinumAward 2017 Taipei Invention Show and Techmart #SilverInventionAward 2018 National Invention and Creation Awards

2019 Taipei Bike Show03/27~03/30
Nankang Exhibition Hall 2, 4F R1430 More...

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10/31~11/032018 Taipei Cycle
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09/27~09/292018 Taiwan Innotech Expo
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All-wing bike saddles are brilliant & epoch-making inventions which granted multiple patents worldwide. These new inventions totally improved the discomforts caused by traditional bike saddles while maintaining wonderful body health of bike riders.

All-wing bike saddles are shaped in flaps to improve the oppressions of perineum area and hemorrhoids, which are major problems of traditional bike saddles. Its dual flaps with center-hollow design supporting hips area of bike riders, creating the same feeling as bike riders were sitting statically on a chair with great comforts.

The design concept of All-wing bike saddles could also be presented in different outlooks with various building materials, delivering cost structures ranging from high to lower ends. It’s ready for you to embrace the advantages of new bike saddle designs.

「We reconfigure the human body and bicycle to create an innovative bike saddle. It guards your health, raises your limits and makes you stronger.

Both of innovative saddle and cycling mechanics design improve the efficiency of pedaling significantly.
The center of the saddle sinks completely. Whether you're on 24 hours cycling or 500 km challenge, there isn't any pressure on the perineum, which greatly reduces the burden on the legs and allows you to ride faster, longer and further. Every cyclist can surpass all his own peak records easily after proper practice. Try it practically and you will definitely know that nothing is impossible.

There are agents or exclusive agents already in some countries now. And we are actively looking for agents all over the world. Respond to the revolution of bike saddle together.

All-wings saddle Taiwan」

Taipei International Invention Show & Techmart 2017
The Platinum Award

National Invention & Creation Awards 2018
Silver Invent Award

All-wings saddle has been officially displayed in the National Science & Technology Museum since 2019. It will be listed and permanently collected, making it a collection for research, exhibitions and educational activities, as well as a example for modern design. This is not only the glory that the country has given us, but also an important milestone for All-wings saddle.

Patent no.



US 8,944,501 B2




ZL 2013 2 0047201.8
ZL 2013 1 0146864.X
ZL 2013 1 0184826.3
ZL 2013 1 0146967.6


13161852.2-1760 (on patent)

Falcon, chinese is 隼, japanese is ハヤブサ/Hayabusa.Medium raptor, powerful aerial predator, F-16 is also named falcon. Its subduction speed can reach more than 350km/hrs, and the informal lens capture record is close to 420km/hrs. It's the fastest known animal in nature.

The design of All-wing saddle is based on the appearance of falcon when it's hunting. The upward extension of the sides of the seat symbolizes the mighty wings, and the rail extends forward and downward just like a claw when capturing prey.Also just like the super motor Suzuki GSX1300R and E5 series express trains of JR Shinkansen in Japan, unique in each field, they are all named Falcon.

Material:Nylon/Multy-layer color paint/Cr-mo pipe Rail
Net weight:200g
Dim:30x14x7 cm
Max load:100Kg

All-wings saddle has been officially displayed in the National Science & Technology Museum since 2019

All-wings saddle has been officially displayed in the National Science & Technology Museum since 2019. It will be listed and permanently collected, making it a collection for research, exhibitions and educational activities, as well as a example for modern design. This is not only the glory that the country has given us, but also an important milestone for All-wings saddle.

鷗翼坐墊 產品照 黑
鷗翼坐墊 產品照 白黑
鷗翼坐墊 產品照 黃黑
鷗翼坐墊 產品照 青黑
鷗翼坐墊 椅墊套

Tips for installing soft cover

Material & Craft

6 colors of All-wings saddle

Aw ARGON18 Tri
鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂 彈射起飛A

GCN JAPAN : "What an epoch-making saddle ! !

This is the moment when the F/A-18 Super Hornet catapulted off the deck of the aircraft carrier,
It is also the source of design inspiration for evo4.

More masculine, more avant-garde, showing invincible combat effectiveness,
Ultra-high recognition, unshakable DNA,
The ultimate presentation of the new aesthetics of saddle design,

Inheriting the powerful genes of evo3/falcon and strengthening its functionality,
evo4 realizes all-round design, cycling pant is no longer a necessity,
Whether it's a close-quarters fight, or a long-range bombing...
The dual-mode design allows you to traverse the surface as you wish.

Maximum combat radius (No cycling pants required):
★ Combat Mode - 150 km/day (without GT soft cover)
★ Grand Touring Mode - 300 km/day (with GT soft cover)

鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂
鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂

A lightweight TPR pad is fitted on the surface of the saddle to provide a more comfortable riding experience. Its width design has covered adults, children, Asians, Europeans and Americans, etc., It's not nesssary for cyclists to wear heavy and sultry cycling pants to finish the long-term, long-distance, high-intensity cycling.

鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂
鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂
鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂

Combat Mode/GT Mode

The Grand Touring softt cover is made of multi-layered functional fabrics and EVA foaming material with a thickness of 5mm. It provides users with a more comfortable ride and support experience with 3D design, 3D cutting, and detachable design.

Whether it's a close-quarters fight, or a long-range bombing, the dual-mode design allows you to do whatever you want.

It is a revolutionary help for cycling enthusiasts who don't like to wear cycling pants and are constantly cycling for hundreds of kms a day or cycling for several days or thousands of kms in a row.

鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂
鷗翼健康座墊 EVO 4.O 超級大黃蜂


  • Dimensions: 28 (W) x 13.5 (L) x 7 (H) cm
  • Material
    • Saddle: Nylon PA/Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Tube/Baking Paint/TPR(Full Anti-UV)
    • GT Cover: Dive Cloth (Nylon Neoprene/Polyester)(Water proof)
  • Weight: Saddle 205g / GT cover 20g
  • Maximum load: 100kg

ᴇᴠᴏ 4.o Super Hornet

The wings do not affect the pedaling action at all, even if you ride for 24 hours or 500 kilometers, there is no pressure, no numbness or pain in the entire perineum area. Compared to traditional saddle, the same efficiency can be achieved with lower power and fatigue index.

Anyone can surpass original peak record again after properly practicing some of the following techniques.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Pressure Transfer】

The design of All-wings is to completely transfer the pressure of the perineum caused by the traditional saddle to the ischium on both sides, and the ischium is the part where the entire pelvic cavity can bear the most impact. Even if the sitting point moves back and forth with changes in terrain and riding posture during riding, the central area is completely hanged without any pressure, and all the pressure obviously falls on the sit bones on both sides.

Since all riders have long been accustomed to the traditional saddle, All-wings has no nose, so beginners may feel uneasy because there is no pressure or rely on the crotch at the beginning. It may take some time for some cyclists to adapt it.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Left and right positioning】

The rail extending forward and downward forms an angle of about 90° with the wings. When riding, the rail will not interfere with the pedaling action of the legs.

When push down, the thighs are deliberately moved inward. That is, it plays an obvious role in positioning and provides the satisfaction required by the legs.

Bikers who are accustomed to the nose-clamping action when cornering downhill also make good use of this action to replace their previous habit.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

鷗翼健康坐墊 evo3_evo4坐骨移動範圍

鷗翼健康坐墊 evo3_evo4坐點變換

【Change of sitting points】

The common experience of many people when sitting on the conventional saddle is at the beginning of the ride, the hips were indeed sitting on the saddle evenly, but after a period of time, in order to reduce the pressure of the perineum, they all sat on the side of the crook. .

All wings saddle allows you to sit in a stable manner throughout the whole journey. The two ischial bones are equally stressed. With the change of riding posture, the forward and backward movement of the sitting point can simultaneously achieve the purpose of reducing the pressure on the sit bones.

The pressure of the perineum and hip ischium is the lightest when bending down and holding the low bar to sprint.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Push down】

The right leg starts to output force from the 12 o'clock position to the 5 o'clock position early. Because the wings are against the root of the left thigh to prevent the body from sliding backward, the pedaling kinetic energy won't be lost any more; when the left leg outputs is the same.

The action of applying force is simulated to the use of muscles during running.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Pull up】

Many cyclists said that when using conventional saddle, they always pull up the pedal only when they get up, and they will not pull up when sitting. Everyone can‘t abuse themselves. Because the force of pulling up is proportional to the pressure of the perineum. Pulling up does indeed often cause a spin off situation in which the rear wheels lift off.

So please sit and pull up. When the right leg is pulling up, the reaction force falls on the left hip ischium, which completely avoids the perineal oppression. Your body weight firmly presses the bike through All wings saddle, so no matter how hard you pull up, the rear wheel will not be lift and the kinetic energy output won’t be reduced.

Your biceps femoris is your new exercise program. It also has a lot of exercise. You will even be able to ride a long distance uphill by sitting and pulling up.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Cycling uphill】

Use the training platform and small stool to simulate the angle of uphill, then try to keep pedaling.

The wings against the rear of the thigh already it prevents the body from sliding backwards.

It’s not necessary to stand up and pedal. You can sit, then push down and pull up throughout the uphill journey.

Even if you let go of your hands, your body will not slip backwards. Kinetic energy won’t be lost any more.

Either, the All Wings will help you to recover the kinetic energy that should not be lost.

鷗翼健康坐墊 All-wings saddle in Taiwan

【Before the transition】

During the triathlon race, starting from an appropriate distance before the transition, pull up output instead of push down output, it allows the quadriceps to have sufficient rest time until it reaches the transition. Your legs won't be weak anymore, and you don't need others to help you anymore.

This is the biggest advantage of the All wings saddle used in triathlon



1. The blue area is the correct ischial correspondence point.

2. All-wings saddle compared with traditional one, their effective adjustment range of seat rail are overlapped completely.
The corresponding points of the ischial bones of the two kinds of saddle are also overlapping.
Before removing the original saddle, it is recommended to initially compare the installation location.

3. When installing for the first time, it is recommended that the bottom of the rail be the subject... horizontal angle.

4. Saddle height setting (After replacing the All-wings saddle, the seat tube height is usually reduced by about 4 cm.) After the cyclist seat on the correct position of the All-wings saddle, the heel is stepped on the center axis of the pedal, pedaling to the bottom dead position, and the thigh and the calf are fully extended.
This height of the saddle is the ideal height.
We recommend that the cyclists who use All-wing saddle for the first time, lower this ideal height by 1 to 2 cm, which will make it easier for you to adapt to All-wings saddle in the early stages.
After each 50 km riding, fine-tune the height upwards. Adjust 0.5 to 1 cm each time.

5. After stepping on the correct position of the pedal, the thigh and calf appear slightly curved.

6. Saddle forward or backward position setting After the cyclist sit on correct point of the All-wings saddle, the heel is stepped on the pedal axis, and the pedal is held at the 3 o'clock position. The calf bone area should be perpendicular to the ground. The position of the saddle is the ideal position.
We suggest that you can fine-tune the saddle position based on your personal riding habits and feelings.

7. The straight line between the front edge of the knee and the ankle when stepping on the correct position of the pedal, It should be at an angle of about 15° to the vertical line of the leading edge of the knee.
Go to step 7…
The geometry setting below the waist is almost complete.
After completing the setting of step 7... If the elbow is slightly bent and your hands cannot be easily gripped on the top of the crowbar, the top tube is too long.
It is necessary to replace the shorter stem.
Otherwise... this will cause numbness in both hands during long rides, or cause your body to bouncing when you pedal on high frequencies.

Q:Body slipping forward easily, can not main stable positions while cycling.
A:1. adjust saddle tilt angle slightly backward.
2. lower the seatpost.
3.change mounting the fixed position to move saddle forward.

Q:Shoulders and arms being stressed and feeling hurts
A:1.adjust saddle tilt angle slightly backward.
2.lower the seatpost .
3.change the fixed position to move saddle forward.

Q:Genitals or inner side of legs rubbing saddle surfaces
A:1.lower saddle fixture position.
2.It could be backwards seated. Move the body forwards.

Q:Uncomfortable feeling of legs during paddling
A:1.lower the seatpost.
2.It could be backwards seated. Move the body forwards.
3.adjust saddle tilt angle slightly forkwards.

Q:After riding for a while, your hands will be numb...
A:1.This situation is usually caused by the habit of straightening your arms while cycling, and it is recommended to bend your arms slightly while cycling.
2.The distance from the saddle to the brake hooks of the handle is too long. This is usually caused by the length of the top tube. It is recommended to use a short stem to improve the problem.
All-wings bike saddle design was improved from legacy ones. Bikers must try to adjust best positions repeatedly to obtain best user experiences.

☆☆☆Precautions for usages under cold and dry weather conditions
This saddle was made of nylon, it shows tough and flexible physical properties under common humidity environment since nylon was good absorbers of water particles.
However, when moisture under 40% or humidity under 0 degree conditions disappeared, nylon could be getting hard and fragile. This symptom could be found when saddle exposed to cold and dry air conditions for long time.
An easy way to examine the saddle condition was to press the saddle faces by hands. In consideration of safety, please do not use the saddle once if fragile feeling appears on hands, especially when knowing saddle stays under cold and dry air conditions for long periods of time.
An easy solution was to soak the saddle in hot water (temperature between 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃) for 30 min ~ 1 hours ... thus the saddle could be restored proper conditions.
☆☆☆ Do not use boiling water. ☆☆☆

  • The Swiss company Mornera has officially obtained the official authorization of All-wings and produces new brand bike seat local in Switzerland and Italy.
  • The Czech Republic have been exclusively represented by Prague Bikero company (
  • United Arab Emirates have been exclusively represented by Abu Dhabi Cyclone cycles.
  • Poland is represented by Revoltt.(
  • Indonesia is represented by PACE & RACE.

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